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Your Next Favorite Book

Why does real life get in the way of my reading?!?

Well, here goes nothing...

I'm not sure how to ease into writing a book review blog, so I'm just going to admit this up front:


I'm not a writer.


I'm a reader, and a voracious one.  My interests are all over the place - literary fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, suspense/thrillers, a sprinkling of YA, and even a fantasy/sci-fi novel now and again.  But writing has never been my forte.


That being said, I'm going to go ahead and give this a go.  I'm constantly passing on recommendations to friends about good books, steering them away from bad ones, and basically acting like a lunatic about books.  Why shouldn't I force my opinions on perfect strangers then, right?  I'd love to help you find your next favorite book.


So...here goes nothing.